lolzzz.net is a stock market where you trade memes instead of companies. It was created in November of 2015 from the idea "What if I could actually crash the rare pepe market? What would that look like?"

Our philosophy is that the meme market should look a lot like the real stock market. Here's how it works:

In the real world, privately held companies sell off a portion of themselves to the public to raise money, in something called an Initial Public Offering.

At lolzzz.net, a user can create a meme and sell off a portion of it (or all of it) to raise money, our version of an Initial Public Offering.

In the real world, individuals buy and sell the stocks of the publicly listed companies in an attempt to make money. The most successful individuals end up on the Forbes "List of the 500 Richest People".

At lolzzz.net, users buy and sell stocks of the memes created in attempt to make money. The most successful individuals are list on a public ladder, with the top 10 considered "The Meme Moguls".

In the real world, companies report earnings and can use these to pay out dividends to their shareholders.

At lolzzz.net, earnings are paid out to memes at regular intervals, based on how popular the meme is. Shareholders vote on how much of a dividend to pay out.

In the real world, a rich person may buy a rolex or a yacht to broadcast their status to the rest of world.

At lolzzz.net, users progressing in wealth will unlock and have the opportunity to buy new avatars and accessories.

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